Email address? Communicator? Mobile phone? This is not a royal matter ...

    President Putin has a white phonePresident Bush has black

    Can you imagine today an energetic and active person who lives in a multi-million city, leads a large team, comes to work every day in a fully computerized office, but does not use e-mail or a mobile phone?

    There are such people! And you know them ...
    On December 12, 2007, Vladimir Putin gave an interview to the American Time magazine , which proclaimed Putin "Man of the Year 2007."

    QUESTION: You said that a large number of phones in the office of the boss is an old image. How technological are you now yourself: do you use e-mail or Blackbury, do you, for example, have your own blog and so on?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I am very, very ashamed, but I do not use it at all. I don’t even use the phone: the staff of my device do everything for me. But they do it brilliantly, I envy them very much.

    And two years ago, at a meeting with the head of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation, Leonid Reiman, the president asked the minister how many mobile phones he personally had.

    “I have one. I try not to confuse the statistics, ”Reiman replied.

    “And I have none,” Putin complained with a smile.

    And what about his colleague from the most technologically advanced country in the world?

    George W. Bush, October 2006 Interview with CNBC :

    I try not to send emails, more precisely, I not only try not to send emails, I never send them at all. Because it’s all written down, and then the president will receive requests ... I don’t want to receive an e-mail, because, you see, you will receive an e-mail, and you’ll plunge into some kind of story, because I can’t say later: “Well, I have not read this email. ” They will answer me: "But I sent it to your address, how can you say that you did not read it?" In short, I am very careful about emails.

    However, Bush is still not a stranger to new technologies.

    Interviewer (Maria Bartiromo): I am very curious if you ever google it? Do you use Google?

    George W. Bush: From time to time. One of the things I used on Google was I pulled out maps from there. It is very interesting. I forgot what this program is called, but you have a companion there, and you can - in short, I can look at my ranch in Google, and this reminds me that sometimes I would prefer to be there ... Yes, I google sometimes.

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