Toshiba sells atomic mini reactors. Chubais in shock, Vladivostok exults!

    Toshiba has released a new type of energy source - a mini atomic reactor.

    Given the size of the reactor, 6x2 meters, it can be easily placed in the basement of your house and forget about the existence of RAO UES. In addition, the device is completely autonomous, requires no maintenance and is designed for 40 years of service. The reactor power is 200 kW and the approximate cost of one kW / hour is about 5 cents USD (1.23 rubles), which is pretty good, considering that in the central part of Russia 1 kW / hour costs about 1.60 rubles.

    Toshiba plans to install the first reactors of its kind in Japan as early as 2008. In Europe and America, sales will begin in 2009, so we still have time to start saving up for our own nuclear power plant.

    [ Next Energy News via engadgetPhoto: Pierre J. and energyPICS ]

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