Amazon SimpleDB: New Web Startup Service

    Amazon is steadily expanding its line of Amazon Web Services, which are positioned as the technical infrastructure for web startups. Well-known hosting S3 (Simple Storage Service) and distributed computing system EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud). Now another service has appeared in this series - the Amazon SimpleDB DBMS . After a long period of development, it finally opened for limited beta testing (by invitation).

    According to independent expertsSimpleDB is a truly outstanding technical solution. This is a non-relational database with support for the largest datasets and the maximum uptime that is common to all Amazon services. For many startups, this DBMS can become a real replacement for its own servers. For example, Twitter developers could switch to SimpleDB to get rid of the terrible brakes on their system.

    SimpleDB databases do not support text search, for this you need to create an inverted index. A fairly detailed analysis of the pros and cons of SimpleDB from a technical point of view can be found here .

    SimpleDB will cost 14 cents in one hour of machine time (average server performance based on Intel Xeon 1.7 GHz). A gigabyte of traffic costs 10 cents, storage of each gigabyte is $ 1.5 per month.

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