Megaplan: business management system with a web interface

    MegaplanEveryone knows how shitty when there is no order. And business order is in many cases a utopian dream. Software products for business management, as a rule, are designed for large companies and complex integration, are overloaded with options, and their interface is incredibly creepy. A person, having logged into the system for the first time, gets confused in a heap of buttons, checkmarks and all kinds of work scenarios.

    We found this, faced, like many, with the problem of rapid business growth. Our company grew - business growth led to an increase in the volume and scope of tasks, and staff growth made management unobvious (at the same time, we are still far from becoming a corporation with thousands of employees). Having not found an adequate software solution for our needs, we assembled a Jedi development team and made a Megaplan .

    Megaplan is a series of software products for managing a business of any size (from freelancers to medium-sized companies) and specifics (IT, trade, services, production, etc.).

    In general, we proceeded from the fact that any business is a solution to problems. To solve a problem, it is necessary to formulate it, to understand by what time period it should be solved and who will do it. Therefore, first of all, we made a convenient tool for setting and monitoring tasks - Task Manager.

    In the Task Manager, in two or three clicks, you can set a task for any employee of the company, these are tasks that were previously "set" verbally, by mail, by ICQ and then lost, forgotten and not performed. Sometimes they were carried out, of course :) Now the tasks are impossible to lose, because they are collected in one place and their status can be seen at any time. And by the way, thanks to the web interface, from anywhere.
    Megaplan - task list

    Task Manager is designed for companies. For freelancers (and groups of freelancers) we will soon release a Life Manager, also a personal planner is approaching - Time Manager. In the form of web services, they will be free.

    In general, Task Manager is more like a boxed product. It seems to us that companies are not yet ready to trust their important tasks to obscure servers on the mysterious and scary Internet :) We will start selling boxes with Megaplan in January. We will also have SaaS (software rental), but, most likely, not a large part of our customers will use it.

    Megaplan's interface was developed at Artemy Lebedev Studio. It turned out functionally and beautifully.
    By the way, taking this opportunity, we express our respect to the main developer of the interface - Dima Plotnikov!

    We start with open beta testing - we want to check everything and run it on real companies. While registration is free, but if there are too many willing, we will introduce restrictions on the time until we connect additional servers.

    There are glitches and flaws in the existing beta version, but there are not many of them - the version is quite working. Several companies already use the Task Manager and are satisfied, we ourselves also work in it and there is definitely more order in the work.

    At the time of testing, we are creating for you a base in which you can (and should!) Really work.
    The test period will last about a month. If then there is a desire to buy a subscription or install it on our server, we will transfer all the data where necessary.
    More about all this on the site . There you can see the demo version (registration is not required). We are waiting for testers, commentators (essentially :), new friends and like-minded people!

    UPD It seems that this was not immediately obvious at once: nothing can be saved in the demo version, this was done on purpose so that it would not become clogged. If you want your own test base, in which you can work, register .

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