3-Way NVIDIA SLI Technology: 2.8x Faster Than One Graphics Card

    NVidia has officially unveiled a new “edition” of SLI technology, which allows you to combine the three 8800 series video cards, in particular the GTX and Ultra models.

    According to NVidia, the performance of three video adapters integrated into a common graphics system (as opposed to using one) will increase by 2.8 times. Some tests, however, show lower results (an increase of about two times). But still, such indicators will allow you to run the latest games (Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Unreal Tournament 3, etc.) in a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels and with 8x anti-aliasing. At the same time, the performance will be maximum: approximately 60 frames per second.

    Through the use of three video adapters at once, demanding gamers will have at their disposal 384 stream processors, a texture fill rate of 110 gigathexels per second and more than a sufficient amount of video memory. But is it worth it? Indeed, in addition to a considerable amount, the video adapters themselves will have to spend money on a power supply unit with a capacity of at least 1.2 kW.

    via Yahoo!

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