Who is sitting on what!

    So here I did a brief overview of the operating systems and extensions of the sites I visit, maybe it will be informative and even interesting to you. This is my first post on Habr. Be lenient whenever possible

    gws - google web server.
    The only site with its own server, of course, count the sites of the servers themselves.

    Apache / 1.3.29 (Unix)

    mod_perl / 1.29
    mod_deflate / 1.0.21
    eng / PL30.19
    It turns out that Yandex is written on the pearl.

    Apache / 1.3.31 (Unix)
    mod_deflate / 1.0.21
    rus / PL30.20

    mod_deflate many have, this is such a mod that allows you to compress the server response using deflate and gzip methods

    Apache / 2
    big world turned out to be a little short-lived

    Microsoft-IIS / 7.0

    ASP.NET 2.0.50727
    so what can you get from them

    Apache / 1.3.33 (Darwin)

    PHP / 5.2.1
    But this is strange by the way, they have their own max server there

    google hasn't migrated everything to its servers yet

    Microsoft-IIS / 6.0

    ASP.NET hackers
    always knew that the pop-up magazine is for youngsters.

    Apache / 1.3.37.fb1
    no comment

    nginx / 0.5.30
    well, it’s not quite a tracing

    -book coming out PHP / 5.2.0-8 + etch7
    I am glad that they use a server written by our nginx programmers.

    LiteSpeed ​​Server
    The site claims that the server is cooler than two Apaches combined, and therefore costs well.

    A funny header met: “If you're reading this, you should visit automattic.com/jobs and apply to join the fun, mention this header.” :-)

    nginx / 0.5.32
    Also for your

    PHP / 5.2.4. There are
    already 5.2.5 guys, although you still have the latest version from the whole list


    PHP / 5.1.4


    фриха популярна у украинских хостеров

    А нет вот у кого последний




    Странно что не на IIS, ведь 1С очень тесно с майкрософт сотрудничает.

    Apache/1.3.37 (Unix)
    Да мод_аксел нада, сколько народу в 12 по Москве на бизнес-линч лезет, страх.

    рамблер ты крут)

    Apache is certainly a leader. Another thing to note is the popularity of mod_deflate. As you can see the strong Internet of ours, many are sitting on open source and are quite satisfied. I don’t see any reason to take IIS if such grandees cost a free Apache, really my needs will be higher.

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