The Case of O. Bender lives and wins

    O. Bender makes money on it projects
    “My project guarantees your city an unheard-of flowering of productive forces. Think about what will happen when the tournament ends and when all the guests leave. Residents of Moscow, constrained by the housing crisis, will rush into your magnificent city. The capital automatically switches to Vasyuki. The government comes here. Vasyuki are renamed to New Moscow, Moscow - to Old Vasyuki. Leningraders and Kharkovites grind their teeth, but they can not do anything. New Moscow is becoming the most elegant center of Europe, and soon the whole world.

    - All over the world!!! Groaned the stunned Vasyukins.

    - Yes! And later the universe. Chess thought, which turned a county town into the capital of the globe, will turn into applied science and invent ways of interplanetary communication ... "

    Learned? The great combiner reincarnated in the endeavor of the authorities of the city of Ukrainka in the Kiev region, amazing in its impudence and idiocy.
    $ 3 million of budget money was won by New Bender for the implementation of the Electronic City project. Authors, consciously or not, even copy the intonations of Ostap Ibragimovich:

    “... Over time, the city will receive the most modern electronic network and urban web-portal. For each apartment, IP-telephony services will be provided, which will allow free calls in the city and at symbolic tariffs in Ukraine and abroad. There will be cable analog and digital, including Internet TV. An electronic settlement system will be introduced. A variety of additional services will appear: in medicine, security, education, culture, e-commerce and others, including public and administrative. We will get a transparent urban power system and city management, an effective mechanism for the interaction of different structures, organizations, institutions, enterprises. A clear, clear and formalized reporting and accounting system will appear at all levels of the city. And in the end, we will approach a new phenomenon - the electronic community ... "Read the entire opus here .

    Isn't it practically one-on-one with Bender? However, “this” needs to be read in its entirety: the first electronic city in Ukraine. By the way, when the money is stolen, then there will be no need to look for the guilty. The New Benderites have already decided everything:

    “... Despite such bright prospects, real threats remain. This is, first of all, vandalism and inertia of the population ... ”

    Tin, IMHO.

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