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    One man went to a computer exhibition. Every day, entering, he told the guard at the door:

    “I am a great thief, I am famous for many things. Look at both, because this exhibition will not elude me. ”

    This greatly alarmed the security guard, because there was millions of dollars worth of computer equipment inside, and he closely watched this man. But he just wandered from tent to tent, quietly muttering to himself under his breath.

    When he went out, the guard took him aside and searched, but found nothing.

    On the next day of the exhibition, the man returned and greeted the guard, saying: “I left yesterday with a huge booty, but today it will be even greater.” So the guard looked even more closely, but again without success.

    By the last day of the exhibition, the guard could no longer restrain curiosity. “Mr. Thief,” he said, “I am so puzzled, I cannot live peacefully. Please enlighten me. What are you stealing? ”The

    man smiled. “I steal ideas,” he said.

    Tao programmer
    Book 3 - Designing

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