Need for Speed ​​ProStreet

    Auto racing genre
    Publisher Electronic Arts
    Publisher in Russia SoftKlab
    Developer EA Black Box
    Requires Pentium4-2400 +, 512+ Mb, 3D
    Recommended Core2Duo, 1024+ Mb, 3D PC
    platform , Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation2, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS, mobile phones
    Multiplayer I-net, modem, LAN Customizable
    Knowledge of English is not necessary

    Need For Speed ​​ProStreet - a vile game. Pretending to be wretched, she mocked me for an hour. And in retaliation, I had already decided to write a devastating text with erotic allusions and veiled profanity.
    However - the mind was enough to relax, breathe in the fresh November air, drink a cup of tea.
    I decided to give the game a second chance ... More precisely, to be honest, let it be dishonored completely.
    But the game did not live up to categorical hopes and did not want to disgrace anymore. From surprise, I lost in it until three in the night.
    And the next day, it would be safe for another four hours.

    Third generation
    Now there is no doubt that the generation of games in the Need for Speed ​​series lasts exactly five episodes. The first five issues of NFS are projects for which millions of gamers have prayed (for various reasons). The next five are games where Electronic Arts tried to make the name Need for Speed ​​a household name for the most glamorous, most average, most fashionable, most tasteless car arcade. And, of course, the most profitable.
    Need for Speed ​​ProSpeed ​​is somehow stupidly unglamorous. Something went wrong with the fashion in the game as well - the first cars that a gamer owns here can easily be classified as a garbage can. Finally, ProSpeed ​​does not want to put on the familiar clownish cap, call on juicy girls to their video inserts and drive on the oily asphalt of cities at a speed of five hundred miles per hour.

    In short, after the first hour of playing NFS ProStreet, the picture looks like this: this game doesn’t entertain with amazing trash like the previous five episodes, it does not have the charm of the first five episodes, it has a terrible interface and style that only a ten-year-old will like. This is not an arcade, it is not a simulator yet. It is not too pretty. This is pretty dull.
    In short, I would not blame those who erased NFS ProSpeed ​​after an hour of dating.
    But there is no justification for them ...

    Particulars and generalities
    And yet, first you need to deal with the effect of disgust, which occurs at first. This disgust captured not only your humble servant, but also many of those with whom your humble servant managed to talk about NFS ProSpeed. If you collect all the complaints, you get the following small list: a condo interface, an appallingly adolescent career design style, slurred physics of driving, insensitive controls, low speeds, strange graphics, low complexity, a primitive system of modernizing cars ...

    What can I say in excuse of the game? Unfortunately, practically nothing: to one degree or another, all claims are fair. However, managing to deftly cling to one another one after another, the mass of minor flaws of NFS ProSpeed ​​suddenly turn into one significant advantage. This advantage is a simple but interesting gameplay. The first hour, while the eyes and mind highlight details and the external side of the matter, it is inconspicuous. But then, when the details merge into a single picture: logical, understandable, attractive - NFS ProStreet gently transforms.

    Business and money
    Compared to the gypsy series from sixth to tenth, NFS ProStreet is primarily pleased that there is nothing superfluous. Before us is an honest race, without embellishments, without tantrums, without a strained plot using used photo models, without a depressingly senseless ride in a pseudo-city.

    Career mode, if you remove from it a shallow-asphalt raid of childhood, is simple and unpretentious in the best traditions of classic auto arcades. It consists of, relatively speaking, the stages of a long journey. Each subsequent stage opens if the gamer wins the required number of competitions of the previous stage. Competitions, they are also "motor sport holidays", hang in clusters around a career trunk, branching and echoing in the most various disciplines. These disciplines are race in a circle, drag racing, drift (driving with a controlled drift), sprint in supercars. Each "day" consists of a number of disciplines - from four to seven. By participating and winning races in a certain discipline, the player gains points and money. Points go to the piggy bank account, and money - just to the piggy bank or to pay for redecorating the car (in case

    From the point of view of personal progress, for a gamer, each competitive day is divided into two marks (expressed in points): victory and complete domination. To win the competition, you need to win about half of the disciplines or come second or third in all. To dominate - win all the disciplines of the day. After the victory is won, gamers are given some money and a prize accidentally dropped into the lottery (part for modernization, coupon for a free fix, money ...). After domination - another prize and a lot of money. Thus, although the game does not require to go through all the competitions to the end, the thirst for profit pushes the gamer to heroism.

    Art of losing
    Actually, if you look carefully, this heroism is small. The tracks in NFS ProSpeed ​​are thought out and made so cool that any person who has at least a little brains and skills in playing auto arcades can easily bypass opponents. Even, sorry for the intimate detail, on the keyboard control.
    The truth is: to lose, in NFS Pro Speed ​​you have to really try. For example, it is cynical not to upgrade a car for several consecutive competitions. To, in the end, the rivals bypassed you by technical specifications at least twice.
    And you can also assign a machine to a discipline that does not correspond to it constructively. The fact is that NFS ProSpeed ​​allows gamers to keep a personal fleet in their personal use, purposefully “pumping” each car in accordance with the requirements of the discipline. That is, it is clear: it is better to put light and powerful fireballs on drag racing, maneuverable on the track, and super-fast on the sprint. Nevertheless, the game does not force you to use just such a recipe for success: you are free to register a tank-like monster for which the American auto industry of the 70s of the last century was famous for.

    Sensible beauty
    There are enough cars in NFS ProStreet. There are middle-class Europeans, track supercars, disco classics, and expensive toys by billionaires and the ubiquitous Muscovites. Realizing that a gamer is simply not able to buy and test all this wealth during the Career, the game learned a feint from the repertoire of the console Grand Turismo 4. Sometimes, designers (as good will) give out a couple of new cars for the next competition. Instead of existing ones. Clean - steer.
    The pleasure of riding on unknown wheel "little animals" is all the more so because their repair is also done at state expense.
    The system of modernization and tuning in NFS ProStreet can be called standard for the current generation of auto arcades. Faceless details with few talking “real” names cost a certain conditional amount and raise one of the three characteristics of a car (for different classes of cars they vary slightly) by some conditional points.
    Significant tuning for technical indicators (false thresholds, rear wings, wheels, tires) is also worth the money, but painting a car and sticking all kinds of seductive stickers on it is already free.
    In general, it is noticeable that tuning (in the broad sense of the word) has ceased to be a fetish for NFS ProStreet developers. Moreover, an attempt to return the modernization of cars to the channel of rationality and expediency is clearly visible.

    Overcrowded undersimulator
    Some players mention the unkind arcade ways of NFS ProStreet - de, the game is not averse to giving odds to computer opponents, especially in the second half of the “career” passage.
    On the other hand, driving dynamics, control features and small nuances in no way allow us to attribute the NFS ProSpeed ​​to frenzied "pokatushkami".
    The game is really quite severe (detractors say poorly) adheres to the middle ground between simulation and arcade. For example, rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive differ very well. But all kinds of car models of about the same type and class are already pretty weak. The speed, even very high, is perceived by the gamer as a kind of leisurely trip on the outskirts. At the same time, the machine performs well the effects inherent in high speed - poor maneuverability, inertia.
    The multi-user part of NFS ProStreet cannot be called too outstanding - it affects multi-platform development. However, the standard organization of races, all kinds of high score tables and the exchange of tunings - is present.
    In general, as a game of modern times, NFS ProStreet very gratefully perceives a constant high-speed connection to its servers.

    An attempt to revive
    NFS ProStreet has everything you need to scare away a gamer. Firstly, the absolute dissimilarity to previous games in the series. Secondly, the completely stupid style of "drawings on the pavement."
    In addition, there is beautiful graphics - which you can’t say right away that it’s beautiful. And also an interesting and addictive gameplay - at first for some reason reminiscent of a race of mining trolleys harnessed by a pair of oxen.
    Finally, it is worth saying that the game is quite simple in every sense of the word. There is no beautiful concrete megalopolis, attractive silicone is not shown here, natural landscapes are brought to the edge of the horizon and fenced off with chippers and barriers.
    In short, we did not expect this under the guise of Need for Speed. Likewise unlike both the first NFS games and the last, Pro Street gives gamers a very strange feeling.
    Among which: disgust, perplexity, surprise, affection, desire, interest. And, you will not believe, hope.

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