Mobile teaches

    Japan has long been one step ahead of the rest in terms of mobile communications: mobile payments, video calls, convenient terrain orientation in the urban jungle and many other things that are still exotic for the Western world have already become familiar in the Land of the Rising Sun commonplace. Virtual reality, constantly connected with you through a pocket electronic “harvester”, wherever you are, incorporates more and more of what yesterday required your lively participation. This fate befell education. More recently, we were surprised that you can become a holder of a university diploma by visiting only the website of your native alma mater and without leaving your home, but today you can “attend classes” in college from anywhere.

    The program for secondary education through the screen of a mobile phone was launched by Cyber ​​University - the only fully online educational institution in Japan that is accredited to confer the academic title of bachelor. The training materials are available in the form of a streaming presentation, where text and illustrations occupy a large part of the screen, with a video recording of a real lecture from a living teacher perched in a corner.

    The service is currently available only to Softbank subscribers , and free of charge. Now the training program includes about 100 courses to choose from, including online journalism, history, literature and others. Today, a little less than 2,000 students are studying at Cyber ​​University, the first enrollment took place this year.

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