Color scheme and gamma

    The article will be useful to all owners of pages on the Internet - this is personal sites and blogs (diaries). It is written to help deal with wild combinations of colors that accompany almost every second resource. It will not be a secret that the right selection of colors, for the same site, plays a key role in perception.

    In the article:

    In the first part:

    • Introductory information.
    • Base color table and RGB color values.

    In the second part:

    • An overview of mixing sites for selecting the right combinations.
    • An overview of a very useful program in this matter is ColorPic.

    Part 2:

    In the last post ( Part 1 (!!! not Habrahabr !!!) ) I wrote about colors, basic color tables, etc. Understanding this is not easy. And choosing the right colors right on the go can be difficult. To complete these steps, there is a whole series of mixing websites I’m about to talk about now. These services work according to a simple principle: you choose one color that you want to see in your work, and the service selects the rest.

    This service works like this. Choose and adjust one color, others are adjusted accordingly. kuler_adobe There is a section with sorted color sets by popularity rating. And also with new palettes.

    This service works with the same algorithm. We select and customize. It is possible to export to Photoshop and Illustrator.

    Another mixer. Same ratings, many options for finished color variations. Pretty comfortable. works on a different principle. He uses photographs in his work. Download the desired photo and see the colors from it. There is support for downloading from Flickr photo hosting. In the work, he is not very clear at first, but you can figure it out and benefit from the times.

    Another representative of the mixers. In principle, it performs all the same functions. Able to save settings to a file for Photoshop and Illustrator.  

    There are also representatives of desktop mixer options.

    One of these representatives is the ColorSchemer Studio OSX program. The color can be set as a code, or simply select from the palette in the program. Created so-called schemes can be saved for later use in the same Photoshop.  

    And lastly - ColorPic

    A program that, for a long time, helped a lot. Colorpic ColorPic - A utility for taking color anywhere on the screen, saving it in the palette and / or putting the color code on the clipboard. ColorPic also includes a color mixer that allows you to analyze and change the selected color using "honeycombs", rainbow, hue, or adjustment with individual sliders. In addition, ColorPic allows you to choose the closest color that matches the web palette, as well as use your own color palette. 10 tips for beginners. 1. Color Capture1To capture the color from the screen, you need to hover over the desired point and press "Ctrl" and "G" on the keyboard. The selected color will appear in the Chips (cell). To remove color capture from a cell simply press “Ctrl” and “G” again. 2. Exact capture color 2Use the arrows on the keyboard to push the mouse pointer one pixel. 3. Chips selection 3Use the mouse or use the function keys at the top of the keyboard to select the color of the chips in your palette. 4. Small screen problems 4Use the blue up and down toggle buttons on each of the five sections to save screen space. You can also resize the ColorPic window from the bottom right. 5. Enlarge5Change the magnification factor with the slider above the magnifier area. 6. Smooth Color Swatches 6Use the dot size slider above the enlarged area to select a single, 3x3 or 5x5 pixel dot size for a smoother sample color. 7. Websafe Colors 7If the selected color is not websafe, click "WebSnap" to change the color to the nearest safe value. 8. Specify the exact color 8Using the keyboard, you can enter the exact value in any of the color text boxes, including Hue, Saturation and Val textboxes. 9. Using color mixers 9When using any color mixers and sliders, you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard and mouse to push the color in one step. 10. Use colors in another application10To use decimal or hexadecimal color values ​​in another application, click the corresponding "Copy" button. Then, in your other application, you can use the command or paste "Ctrl + V" to add.   Download and the original manual

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