How to get more customers for little money

    An interesting experiment with the Runner contextual advertising system was conducted by the authors of the contextual advertising blog rucontext . By order of the advertiser, an advertising company was implemented with 10 identical ads on different platforms and with different cost of the attracted visitor.

    In the first case (only on search engines), the Maximum tariff was used with the possibility of all types of settings, but with a minimum rate of 3 rubles per transition. In the second case, the Basic tariff was used with a minimum rate of 1 ruble and the ability to configure only geographical targeting.

    When buying visitors from the Rambler search engine and the geo-targeting settings for Moscow and working hours, the cost of the transition was 85 rubles per transition, the second position above the search results. 5600 rubles were spent, the conversion of the visitor into customers was 1 to 18. Thus, the cost of the client was 1186 rubles, a small price for this business.

    In the second case, setting up geo-targeting for Moscow and setting the price to 1 ruble, the company lasted 2.5 times longer and the conversion of visitors to customers was 1 to 89. It was spent, like in the first case, 5600 rubles, but the cost of the attracted customer was 89 rubles.

    Comparing the results and the cost of placement, an unexpected result was obtained - the flow of interested conversions with the worst conversion turned out to be more profitable.

    via advertology

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