Saw with a "laser sight"

    High technology is everywhere. Now a lot of small and convenient gizmos, which also help, joined the song, which, as we know, helps to build and live. Well, more or less ... One of these things - saw with a laser sight !

    In general, so. If you need, say, a birdhouse to get sick or something even more abrupt (maybe at the dacha the mother-in-law asked the wooden arbor) to do it with your hands. More precisely, a saw with a laser sight from the store. This unique device will help to cut off unnecessary parts with filigree accuracy. Without any preliminary marking of the lines I drank it with a pencil. You just need to saw it evenly "along the beam."

    In fact, it is hard to believe in the even walls of a birdhouse, sawn with such a saw. Because it’s so how to carefully drive a tool through a tree so that the beam marking the cut-off point does not shake and wobble back and forth? Well, it’s not enough. Maybe in fact everything turns out fine. And this saw is, by the way, not so expensive. Only $ 19.99.

    Via Gizmodo

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