Search like in the best houses of London

    On Tuesday, the news spread around the world that Google began offering an international version of its site search service for organizations, previously universally known exclusively under its English-Saxon name Custom Search.
    Custom Search Google LogoDue to the global nature of the company (whose activities, by the way, according to the subjective opinion of a number of individuals have already become a more popular reason for paranoia than the global conspiracy to hush up the facts about UFOs), now even on foreign sites where Google’s internal search is implemented, the technical inscriptions of the search engine will Display in user language. How it looks, you can see, for example, on the website of the magazine Macworld. Everyone can evaluate the usefulness of this feature.

    It is noteworthy that in the service’s logo on its Russian-speaking title page, its name underwent a strange incoherence of cases (see the illustration for the news), while on the pages of the search results of the service the name is spelled correctly and in plain text.

    The service is available to users in two versions: paid, the subscription price of which is determined by the number of indexed pages on the site, and free, which has several truncated customization options and displays contextual advertising in the search results. The cost of a paid subscription starts at $ 100 per year for sites with 5,000 pages, increases up to $ 2,250 for work on the 300,000-page giant, and disappears in the haze of an individual agreement for titans like the official site Parliament of Great Britain, which during the installation of this system was recently indexed more than 9 million documents.

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