Tok Tak concept. An interesting concept of a miniature player.

    The smallest and simplest MP3 player. Although also in the concept.
    The dimensions are slightly larger than the headphone jack. Apparently the principle of playback is the same as that of iPod shuffle.

    It is recharged and “replenished with music” like this:

    At the same time, it acts as a joystick for listening to music on a docking station.

    The idea is good, although it is not clear how charging and downloading music through an analog jack will go.

    However, I believe that it would be much better to do the opposite - on the player itself, do not “dad”, but “mom”. Firstly, it will look more aesthetic. Secondly, there will be full compatibility with standard headphones. And so - in order to connect non-native headphones, you will have to use a mother-to-mother adapter, which will increase the overall size and is generally inconvenient.

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