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    Since such a raspberry has gone and we have ceased to live in the great country of the USSR and we still started to be let out by a foreign country, people by hook or by crook appeared in the world without access to the Cyrillic keyboard.

    As a result, on sites from the or series, a noticeable percentage of users indicate their names in Latin. It follows that finding them through the search form becomes quite difficult, because after searching for the Cyrillic name you have to figure out all possible transliteration options.

    It turns out that in order to find "Knyazeva Masha" I sort through the following options: "Knyazeva Masha", "Knyazeva Maria", "Knyazeva Maria", "Knjazeva Maria", "Knyazewa Maria", "Knjazewa Maria". Horror! Already six additional banner impressions on the site: D

    Actually the idea - maybe in the search on such sites to automate this process? That is, entering the name in Cyrillic, the search immediately goes through all possible transliterated "declensions"!

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