Subtleties of pronunciation: Linuh or Linaks

    Something has long bothered me that I am writing the name of this OS as “LinAx”. It is claimed that it is necessary to pronounce "LinUks". On my last post (a copy on Habré) the people even cited Linus's sound recording as proof, where he explains how the name “Linax” should be pronounced. The comrades seem to be encoded so much that they no longer hear, but only believe. In general, I listened and it sounds exactly like “Linux”, and not “Linux”. Listen to it yourself:

    If you still have doubts, compare how he pronounces “U” in “Linus” (his name) and “A” in “LinAx”. It’s not even close. In general, here I am at the same time with Linus :-) In the end, Ipse Dixit!

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