Then how can you enable blog aggregation?

    I saw that people are retyping their blogs here, and am I red? Right now, too, reprint. :)

    Hot Trends
    Interested in the idea about which spoke. The point is that using the new features of Google (hot trends), you can get a list of hot topics that have recently become popular. From this list, it is proposed to select what little competition is for, find an article, rewrite it, submit to the splog and crawl to the top on request. In general, when I began to do this, I immediately realized that just the most competitive requests, apart from harm, can bring no benefit. I will explain why.

    If there’s a little competition on request, but Google shows a surge in popularity, then this is most likely some kind of glitch, if it were a really popular topic, then there would already be a lot of pages on it, and if there were only a couple of thousand results, then a surge popularity is like a dead poultice, there is still no traffic there and is not expected. Still, looking at low-frequency hot trends, I found a bunch of splogs that have already implemented this idea, and Google can do the same thing. Some of the splogs are quite interesting and well made, by the way, for example this one. True, there is no rewriting of articles, well, I will correct this omission. At the same time I wrote the code for posting to a blogger, it turned out that it took quite a long time to find a normal human example, on the Google website, where there should be examples of working with a blogger, there is only a library for PHP5, which developers quite aggressively promote, simply disconnecting support of PHP4 where hands reach. It would be better if they spent energy on fixing bugs, I tried to run my long scripts (search engine) under PHP5, they die there due to memory leaks in PHP. That is, you can’t use it yet. And still php5 somehow strangely works with memory, in addition to leaks, for example unset does not guarantee free memory there, which I was very surprised, that is, to port a script with php4 there, in the worst case, you just have to rewrite it again. Returning to the blogger, in addition to examples on php5, Google shows a bunch of results on old disabled api that no longer work. After a long search, the necessary examples were found here. An alternative way is to post by mail, but this is not our method.

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