Jazz, parrots and avtogoodby.

    Today I woke up in vain. The head crackled, sparks ran between the convolutions. It is at such moments that the most stupid and useless ideas come regarding the continuation of being, its texture and quality.

    I hardly got up, looked up at the monitor of the computer that was always on, and scored a site from a page and a pseudo-star given to a wonderful girl in a search site URL. The results showed that the link is regularly posted. He tried to smile and nearly collapsed from his chair. More than once, smart people (who recognized themselves?) From all sides of the ball told me that such a domain simply should not be empty. I can’t disagree with them - armed with a strange editor and meager knowledge of Ashtiamel, I did what I did. Six months have passed. “And what's next” - this thought roams the surroundings and regularly visits guests. Since I do not have the necessary experiences, budgets, ingenious ideas, then let others use this domain and do whatever they want with it, everything that can bring them (us, you, anyone) any kind of benefit, be it public relations, bablos traffic.

    But freedom - there is a conscious need - and ends where the freedom of another begins. And I love jazz, improvisation and a little) crazy people ... Are there any of these here?

    In general, we need a certain number of volunteers (so far about 10). What they have to create - yes, all that they wish ... if a simple majority agrees. Also, anyone can at any time refuse and withdraw from the Argonauts. So who do we need and why is the

    person who understands ashtamel, publishing pages and server settings.

    Copy-pasteur writer - the one who just loves to write and knows the control keys tse and ve.

    Photographer, photojournalist, photo artist - or just a person with a soap box, who has (or not) what to say to the world.

    Designer, illustrator, artist - anyway, do you draw oil on canvas or yogurt on the belly, you just need a person who would “brighten up” our web experiments.

    A person who is friends with some kind of blog engine and wiki (for example, wordpress) - change Temko, screw the plugin registration setup.

    A man with a video camera - video content is also useful.

    Manager - well, there are maniacs managery))) maybe he will find a kamikaze company that wants to advertise with us))) again - there will be something to drink a mulled wine ...

    If there is a desire, we will meet once every two to three weeks days off - to communicate.

    We are clearly not involved with academics and nerds. DOS requirement - AFL.

    Let's go further: how the process will be organized ... Very simple. Someone suddenly wants the orange parrot upside down on the main one, which will greet everyone with greetings in different languages ​​... Ok. If the majority agrees with this (the one who does not agree - offers his own). Then the task is set, approximate dates and op. Voila - on the main page we already have an inverted orange parrot painted with yogurt on the belly. Fine - isn't it?

    What will we make of this?
    Live) Rock concert) Reality show) We will broadcast the development blog on jaika, jezhe and tepe. Discussions on the server will be open for reading on translators - for commenting). And then - “think of something.”

    What do we get from this?
    What we want + a little more.

    So far, only my emergency. (no one has complained yet). If there is a tangible movement, we capitalize and give out options to all participants in this madness.

    How to get?
    We are not interested in who you are or where you are from. We are wondering if you will have a couple of hours of Internet per day (most likely late at night) to play this game ... and ... where do your hands grow from. So write anywhere. Here, on AlisherYakupov soap FUN gmail DOT com, in comments ...

    How to fall out?
    Probably something will be like Dead Idle - if more than a week - autogoodby and where are you, a new star ... I will

    The idea of ​​the project is its absence. She will change with us.
    Project content is the process of its development.
    The goal of the project is a good mood.
    Project site -www.vsehorosho.ru

    Eh, they will be minded ... until speech loss)

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