About Habr

    How many times I do not go to Habr, always the same problem. :) Namely - VERY big difficulties with navigation on the site, it is impossible to get used to how everything is crookedly done here. Let’s say for half an hour now I was looking for how to unsubscribe from the blog, finally I found the “magic button” - a squiggle! And after all, I even remember finding her (also spending a lot of time), but next time I will again forget where she is. And this is not because my memory is bad, the design and navigation are simply poorly thought out, which is why I don’t want to go to the site in general.
    The terminology also leaves much to be desired, what is the difference between “stubborn” and “stubborn” and what is it all about? I climbed into the wiki help, it is not written there.

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