Poor terminology

    Gentlemen, I appeal to you with a big, big request! Perhaps it’s worth, already, to determine the terminology that we use in our articles and comments on the topic of the Internet and everything connected with it. For example, in my texts I try to use as few Englishisms as possible, and all kinds of borrowings.

    Yes, often the Russian language simply does not have the necessary terms, but in many cases our laziness and the banal desire to use the word are more to blame for everything. I would like to declare to those who abuse new-fangled borrowed phrases: from the fact that you use these phrases, your text does not look more professional or terribly smart, on the contrary, from their abundance, your text looks clumsy and messy.

    Here I will collect a collection of neologisms, idiocy I met on the Web.

    Let's start:

    ... The subject of WEB 2.0 is expressed:
    Functional visual (http://www.weboptima.ru/2_0.htm)

    Recycle allows you to translate samples and loops into Rex 2 format (mixmag.ru)

    Update: “Briefing” means understanding the problem customer (www.business-magazine.ru/mech_new/marketing_n/pub188225)

    Also popular now: