Despite funding, the e-book reader market is barely growing

    Recently, investors have invested more than $ 16 million in E-Ink, an e-paper company used to create e-book readers. Thus, according to VentureWire, a total of $ 150 million was invested in the company. However, the market did not grow from this. Although everyone likes the idea of ​​devices for electronic books - this is the preservation of trees, and the ability to replace hundreds of books with just one - nobody seems to be buying them.

    The most famous product that uses E-Ink displays is the Sony Reader, an e-book reader, but the Japanese company is not entirely happy with the sales of this device.

    If we go back to history, then in the 90s of the last century e-book readers were also not given due attention: then NuvoMedia and SoftBook Press released e-books aimed at ordinary and business users, respectively, but none of the devices was in demand .

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