Social network for motorists:

    In RuNet, another social network has appeared. True, in this case (unlike many others) it seems I know why it is needed :-) At least to me personally.

    The fact is that, like Habr, this network is niche, aimed at a clearly defined audience. And the audience is very interesting and united - motorists. And the name of the service is very suitable - "Behind the Bagel" . The authors claim that they created the first social network for motorists in Runet.

    Inside you can find sections that are familiar to modern projects — blogs, groups (which have the specific name “clubs” here), etc. I personally liked the very simple registration process and easy design.

    According to some reports, the service was launched just a week ago. Registration is by invitation only. Moreover, for some reason I had a rather strict limit - only 5 pieces. Now there are 3 left, leave the addresses - I will send them, and then send them to each other (I hope the restriction will be lifted soon or at least increased). I do not understand why it was necessary to introduce such strictness.

    I wonder if the authors plan to add newfangled cards and other things that the networks like VKontakte and Odnoklassniki have? Authors, ay! Answer!

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