Google Launches YouTube Adsense Adsense

    Google began showing YouTube videos with attached advertisements on thousands of sites participating in the AdSense program. Thus, the Internet company hopes to accelerate the process of returning investment on YouTube.

    Google has announced the expansion of its AdSense advertising platform with a new content distribution channel. Now on thousands of sites on the Internet you can see YouTube videos, accompanied by advertising. Advertisements do not use the video format, but are displayed in the form of a banner and text string associated with the video. Previously, the company had already broadcast YouTube videos with ads to a limited number of sites, but now this feature is included in the large AdSense network in terms of volume. So far, the offer applies only to English-language sites located in the United States, but over time it will become available to everyone.

    AdSense sites are now able to indicate what type of videos they want to show on their pages. Not all YouTube videos will be broadcast on AdSense along with ads. For this purpose, only content whose provider has signed the corresponding agreement will be used. About 100 providers have already expressed their consent to provide content.

    The goal of this step on the part of Google is the desire to capitalize on impressions of advertisements and accelerate the process of returning investments on YouTube. The company will share the income received from the new advertising distribution channel with content providers and a site on which commercials are shown.

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