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    new, huh ... present, huh ... technically advanced without a hitch, yeah ... there were 5 devices on my winmobile in my hands, my opinion was formed a long time ago. there was 1 (I-mate K-JAM) with a keyboard (analog, or rather the progenitor of the one shown above). And then I visited the idea that everything it touches microsoft , and whom he had about induces the activity of ( the Indians that did winmobile or the Japanese-Chinese, which makes the device under it - HTC) suffers from usability, stability, but , as a shop window, is replete with functionality and superiority over the imaginary market of freely competing solutions (meaning other platforms). so.

    look ... there is an iron keyboard (the necessary functionality in any communicator and PDA, because virtual. keyboard does not cope, and there’s nothing to do by hand in a winmobile. there’s a little girlfriend in palm trees). and, apparently, not bad. what can she do? walk on the arrows. Take out the button, indicators Fn and capslok. Key ( . ) - Zitska. see functional (and two ( . ) ( . ) more functional, because two tsytski). caps \ shift key.

    why do we need a keyboard?  enter characters, simplify navigation (to increase speed, performance) on the OS and applications, display service information (in this instance), use keyboard shortcuts (which cannot be done on virtual keys or graffiti).

    What we have?
    • the arrow block is merged with a common row of keys, which complicates blind work, there is no tactile feedback. this is a minus of ALL existing devices with a vertical slider.
    • The Take out button and the OK button are located nearby, which automatically causes errors when pressed - instead of ok, you will press EXIT and spend time closing the keyboard menu and vice versa, when you need to go to start the program you close (minimize) the current OK button.
    • indicators Fn and capsloc take up a prohibitive amount of space. If there is a need for them (in Kzham they were not and did not suffer much. Enthusiasts came up with on-screen signaling devices (software) that notified about the current layout (!!), the status of the caslock and ft keys. The thing is different . the buttons are unacceptably large and positioned them so that they eat out a whole block below them, which could be used for a keyboard, where, that never happened, the Ctrl key could finally fit, but more on that below.
    • the dot-key allows you to switch the layout (in the compartment with OK. we will still hear “enthusiastic” exclamations about the pleasure of pressing this key), enter numbers. God be with her. but where is the STRL key most needed in Windows ?! it allows you to use the clipboard, close programs (which you cannot cross with). if you want to switch between tasks (al + tab) ... where is it ?! Again, enthusiasts make re-flashing and third-party programs (which shake the unstable axis anyway) that make this possible ... but why already in the 3rd generation of devices there isn’t all this user care? !!! The ability to use STRL is in Wirth. the keyboard. There you can copy and close the program and for me it is important.

    from everything described, I conclude that it is not needed, well, the user is unnecessary to the manufacturer. he clones everything that has been done before him ... blindly, thoughtlessly ... after all this, he doesn’t want to go into details about the processor, the screen (which is also VGA) and similar cloned and similar characteristics that are transferred from device to device (and in fact this particular device turned over with X800). but there is a 0.3 front camera there.

    Yes, in the bath with such developments. and the whole NTS to the bathhouse ... and GLOFISH (oh brand) and everyone who is trying to make hardkey keys ... to the bathhouse and microsoft, which makes it difficult for the user to perform basic functions that are primarily needed in a mobile device, where you need to look at the small screen “on the knee” process the incoming information, organize it (to put it in folders, blocks) and answer \ send ...

    claims not to a specific sample, but to the whole winmobile-kitchen, be it okay. everyone who takes up production on this platform seems to be connected hand and foot with an interface (there are exceptions in the form of an Elf and Samsung with the same idea) or licensed / copywriting restrictions. But devices from Asus, HTC, Gigabite associates do not offer anything new from generation to generation (not even a device).

    more and more often I affirm that all Win * is not for me. I immediately recall a good palm (where the correct kernel of the user’s actions, interaction with the axis, which all sorts of special keys simply turned off from circulation), psion and, yes, symbian were laid in the axis. I trust S60 more, and it’s better to use UIQ with an interesting 1 \ 1 keyboard (Sony Ericsson M600, S1i), rather than a hateful, inattentive, tinned, if you like, thoughtless office (s), which (oh) I’m deeply uninteresting ... well, to me, in fact, too, because I vote with a wallet.

    which I wish to everyone. and above all, to approach competently and thoughtfully to your needs and to proposals for their satisfaction

    - a
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