Flash 10 and Quake in Flash

    So the veil of secrecy over Flash 10 is gradually opening. Peter Elst posted a video report at the Adobe MAX Chicago - Sneak Peeks conference, where truly magical things were demonstrated, such as Flash 10 - new features, the use of C / C ++ modules in Flash applications, Flex applications for Linux, and much more another. But first things first

    Flash 10 - Flash Next . New opportunities.


    At the start, I haven’t noticed anything new yet, but the video quality isn’t so good :)


    And here I clearly didn’t understand the audience. We pulled out the component (Video) onto the stage, registered the path and the video began to play. The trick is that in order to watch the video you do not have to press CTRL + ENTER: “Wow !!! We save time !!! ” Burak KALAYCI writesthat Flash will be the best platform for live video. Well, it’s so clear (sorry for arrogance), but don’t shout like that :)


    But the animation tweaks - Motion Tween really pleased. “No more keyframes” - as they said at the conference and it’s really cool. (Heh! Again, people scream - noisy guys, however, gathered. And maybe there was a lot of beer)


    A demonstration of the kinetic movement ... How long have the animators been dreaming about this ...


    Well, probably the highlight of the program was the use of modules written in C / C ++ in Flash applications. And this is, in fact, one of the main ones. There are lots of opportunities.


    For example, here's a demo of Quake.

    In general, a lot of impressions. I will not talk about everything else, I give only a link where you can see much more. There are no more words and comments ...

    Yes ... My irony gradually disappears :)

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