Google has calculated the growing interests of Runet

    Google in honor of Internet Day in Russia, which has become a tradition to celebrate on the last day of September, has published a rating of Russian-language queries Zeitgeist, interest in which in 2007 increased significantly compared to 2006. I note right away - this is not a general rating of the most frequent and popular queries, but the most “dynamically growing” ones.

    The full version of the 10 queries that have gained popularity over the year is as follows:

    harry potter
    wait for me

    On the basis of this “hit parade” one can get the impression that Russian-speaking Internet users have significantly increased interest compared to last year. So, Wikipedia is at the top of the rating, which is quite justified, since this service is gaining momentum at a huge pace. Beeline, nokia and nissan queries show exactly which companies from different fields of activity gave preference to users searching for information via Google. However, this also indicates the marketing activity of these companies. It is expected that the list included the request “Harry Potter” - the publication of the seventh book of Rowling also did not leave Runet indifferent.

    As a reference

    Zeitgeist (from German: “the spirit of the times”) is an attempt by Google to display the interests and mood of society through the analysis of requests and tracking search statistics on its domains in different countries of the world. The Zeitgeist rating reflects the real interest of users in the listed items, that is, the number of requests for each of them for an equal period of time.

    Internet Day in Russia was first celebrated 9 years ago: on September 30, 1998, the peculiar first “census of the Russian-speaking Internet” was translated. At that time, the number of users amounted to 1 million people. Today this figure has grown by almost 27 times.

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