Errors when creating topics

    When writing my first topic, I encountered the following problems:

    1) We write a topic the size of a screen, do a preview and write further. Click on the button "insert picture" the screen fades and that's it! A window with an invitation to download a file appears at the top in an invisible area, that is, you need to scroll up to see this invitation.
    In a word, when an edited topic occupies more than one screen, when you click add a picture, the screen simply fades in front of us.
    IE7 browser. In OperE the same thing. When creating a new topic, pictures are inserted.

    2) I inserted two pictures into the topic, I try to insert the third in the status bar, it says: "Done, but with errors."
    In this case, nothing happens: the links do not appear and the picture, respectively, also.

    IE7 browser.

    3) I just noticed:

    Go to your personal page, scroll down and see a bunch of SQL queries. Screen, for some reason I can’t insert it at all now.

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