The usb key has long ceased to be a purely functional gadget. A small electronic thing , migrated from the life of convinced geeks to an accessory range of a wide range of users. And if the volume and speed of information transfer are important to the geek, then the mod, not alien to technology, is looking for an entertaining form and additional (" extra ") functions that allow the gadget owner to stand out and attract attention.

    My new gadget concept called «usbeast» ( « ").
    Its design is an attempt to combine the flexible lines of the image of the beast with a broken plastic plastic facet. Planned stuffing: four gigabytes of memory; A memorable detail of the “exterior” is a square red eye-LED that flickers when connecting and transmitting information.

    Avihai Voronin is going to produce a gadget, and distribute it through its network of stores " for snobbish ." Estimated price: 39 euros.

    More pictures of the gadget on my blog .

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