Community Activation or Human Face SMO

    E-generator logoThe company E-generator , which has long and actively used the forces of the "crowd" in commercial projects on the Internet, has launched a new service called " Activation of the community ." It is aimed at owners of portals, blogs and forums who want to form a strong active community of users around their projects who want to not only watch and read, but also express their opinion. It will also be useful to those who want to make their new resource visible as soon as possible. For them, the E-generator will single out experts in dispute management, inciting “holy wars” and just outgoing and sociable people who can make readers turn into commentators.

    As Vladislav Kochetkov, the press secretary of the FINAM investment holding company controlling company, told me, E-generator will work both with small sites (for example, personal blogs) and large ones. According to him, “most likely, the service will be most in demand by small and medium-sized companies, as the budgets of major players allow them to resolve such issues on their own. ”

    The mechanism for posting comments on client sites allows you to do this directly from the E-generator site, while synchronization promises to be almost instant. Active discussions on the pages necessary for the customer are guaranteed from the first days of working with the service. Victor Zakharchenko will lead the work of the service, among other content services of E-generator.

    In fact, and Mr. Kochetkov confirms this, this step can be regarded as a serious sign of attention, which E-generator is giving SMO, which is still in its infancy, or optimizing the site for social media. Today, in the eyes of the public, the targeted promotion of a blog or forum using social networks and other services that embody the concept of "Web 2.0" is not much different from spam. And the pioneers of this direction, which is already quite popular abroad, often become “outlawed” for visitors to the resources through which they promote their customers' sites. Perhaps the balanced approach of a reputable company entering a new market gradually, starting with a small one, will be able to correct the attitude of Internet users to SMO. Just as the attitude towards SEO changed when big business became interested in it.

    However, with the similarity of the goals of SEO and SMO, in the case of the latter, the ethical side is especially worried. If the optimizer in the old meaning of this word in its work acts as a fighter with the ingenious search engine algorithm created by a professional like him, then, if you will, Optimizer 2.0 focuses mainly on living people. A substitute for communication, a substitute for interest, causes associations with decoy guests at the wedding. But if you do not take this into account, the business model of the new service has the right to life and, moreover, to success. In the end, Western models have never taken root with us, without adapting to domestic realities. And, perhaps, we are waiting for SMO with a human face, which has no analogues in the world.

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