Non-standard ways of promotion. Toads.

    My PR service launched a contest in LiveJournal , which caused a wave of protest among several of my friends.

    The brief essence of the competition is to draw a photo-toad on my photos.
    The prize fund is $ 500.

    The event itself, of course, has a pragmatic goal, but I'm not talking about it now.

    The calmest reviews of my friends: “How could you go for this?” And “It is necessary to disperse such a department of PR”.

    At the same time, I myself like the results of the competition .
    To me, and to all my employees, the painted toads improved my mood.
    Question to the experts! :)))

    What do you think of this way of promotion?
    Interesting any comments and opinions.

    PS Why are people afraid to look ridiculous or funny?

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