HeadHunter bought Free-lance.ru

    As CNews learned, the HeadHunter portal became the owner of a recruiting resource for Free-lance.ru freelancers. The amount of the transaction, according to experts, could be up to $ 200 thousand. Market participants believe that the purchased resource played a significant role in their Runet sector, but the purchase will not noticeably change the balance of power.

    HeadHunter acquired the portal Free-lance.ru - a resource designed to search for freelancers. About this CNews told a source in Free-lance.ru. According to him, the portal was completely redeemed. The source was at a loss to name the deal. At HeadHunter, CNews was not confirmed to the correspondent, but did not refute the deal, but noted that the recruitment market in Runet is developing and the company has an interest in acquisitions of players.

    Attendance at Free-lance.ru, according to Finam, is quite low and amounts to about 1000 people per day. But for HH, not so much a portal is interesting as a database of freelancers, according to Finam. “Currently, the database contains about 16 thousand people, and even if it is active by at least a third, this is a very valuable asset that will help HH expand its offers for employers and make them more interesting,” experts say. For Free-lance.ru, the deal will allow further development.

    According to the estimates of Oleg Savtsov, RBC-SOFT Deputy General Director, the deal could amount to about $ 100 thousand - $ 200 thousand. Finam estimates the purchase a little more precisely - at $ 120 thousand - $ 150 thousand.

    For market participants, the deal between HH and Free-lance.ru was not a surprise. In a SuperJob staffing house, a CNews correspondent was told that negotiations between the companies had been going on for a long time. “The resource was noticeable on the market, but this deal will not affect the general alignment of forces,” SuperJob said.

    The HeadHunter portal was opened in 2000. In 2006, HH's turnover amounted to almost $ 6 million. The minority stake in the company belongs to the Digital Sky Technologies fund. The rest is owned by individuals. In addition to Russia, the portal operates in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. In addition, earlier this year, HH entered the Israeli market by purchasing a 20% stake in All U Need.

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