Technology, a look into the future

    Of the reads, the synthesis of gold, the single currency of kilowatt-hours, portable quantum generators, and the development of artificial intelligence are most striking. If you take these four technologies together, there will be a global redistribution of funds in the global market. So, are we selling the accumulated gold?

    Forecasts by Arthur Clark

    2009 - an atomic bomb will explode in a third world country, after which the UN will decide on the destruction of nuclear weapons

    2010 - the deployment of a total electronic tracking system to eradicate crime and the emergence of portable quantum generators that extract energy directly from vacuum

    2012 - regular space flights aircraft

    2014 - space hotels will be opened in orbit

    2015 - the flourishing of nanotechnology, full control over the atomic structure of matter, obtaining gold from other metals, the triumph of alchemy

    2016 - the introduction of a single world currency - kilowatt hours

    2020 - artificial intelligence will reach the level of humanity, two kinds of intelligence will coexist on Earth, but one will develop faster than another.

    2021 - landing of people on Mars;

    2023 - cloning of dinosaurs thanks to the DNA structure reproduced on a computer. Small individuals of dinosaurs will replace guard dogs

    2025 - the discovery of the mechanisms of functioning of the senses. Replacing nose, eyes, skin with more effective artificial organs

    2036 - China is superior to the United States in gross domestic product

    2040 - reproduction of molecular duplicates of any objects and substances. From street dirt it will be possible to make products, clothes, diamonds. Industry and agriculture are losing their meaning. People go into art, education and entertainment

    2045 - creating a closed-cycle dwelling with full self-sufficiency and waste recycling

    2050 - mass freezing of people who rush into the future in a cryonic dream

    2051 - settlements on the moon for pensioners who are registered with low gravity

    2090 - offensive a new ice age, a person will begin to intensively burn fuel to create the greenhouse effect of

    2095 - the creation of vehicles at a speed close to light.

    During the Second World War, Arthur Clark served in the British Air Force and, when volleys faded, made several predictions based on a good understanding of technical systems and their development capabilities. The young officer guessed the appearance of radar to search for missiles and aircraft and indicated reliable frequency ranges. He got a taste and, having entered the literary path, for several decades now publishes a summary of the expected scientific breakthroughs. Among the predictions that came true are the location of communication satellites in a geostationary orbit (in the West it is called the Clark’s orbit), the emergence of the World Library called the Internet, machine translation, the development of atomic energy and automation, the progress of antibiotics and computers, work on artificial intelligence, human landing on the moon (with a slight error in the date), human cloning, which in time coincided with the dubious operations of Dr. Antinori. The date of the upcoming landing on Mars according to Clark agrees with plans on this subject by US President Bush.

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