MSC - Scrum Methodology Workshop

    The AgileRussia community is conducting an open seminar on the topic “Scrum Methodology”
    on September 13, at 7 p.m. in the territory of the Luxoft

    Scrum office , one of the most popular agile development methodologies. One reason for its popularity is simplicity. In short, Scrum is an iterative and incremental development of self-organizing and self-managing teams.

    Our program has two parts:
    “Scrum Methodology Overview” and “Scrum Implementation: One Company Experience”.

    Scrum Methodology Overview

    1. Why Scrum?
    2. The basis of the Scrum methodology
    3. Roles, artifacts and life cycle
    4. Advantages and applicability of the methodology

    Moderator - Askhat Urazbaev

    Scrum implementation: The experience of one company

    1. Status before the implementation of Scrum
    2. Implementation of Scrum
    3. Difficulties we met
    4. How we dealt with them
    5. What we are striving for now

    The moderator - Nikita Filippov The

    seminar is free to attend - sign up here on the [Participate] button indicating your real name when registering in the system (Luxoft bandwidth requires this).

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