Delicious social bookmarking service is preparing a new version

    Service Delicious launched a preliminary version of its website version 2.0, available only by invitation. You can view it at .
    Among other things, the service rebranded the name and site (it was , it became just delicious , though this address still leads to the old site).

    Bookmarks of users who have received invitations are imported to a new resource, although developers warn that after launching the final version, imported bookmarks will be lost. In other words, invites users to evaluate the new interface and new features of the service, no more.
    Also, according to the developers, in the new version the code is completely rewritten.

    via Techcrunch

    PS How to get an invite. The user of the service should go to a special section , leave a request for an invite, and then wait for the administration to send him a link to the “links for you” section.

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