Apple's marketing tricks, or reasons for the popularity of the iPhone.

    Thanks to various discussions on Habré, sometimes all sorts of “insights” come to the head :)
    With these “insights” you can learn to make a good product not just popular,
    but VERY VERY popular. For example, like the Apple iPhone.

    I will review the marketing trick from Jobs & Co. with the Apple iPhone, which does not deceive buyers,
    but at the same time, in my opinion, is not very objective.
    At the same time, it allows reporting about large sales, about an increasing% of the market, etc.

    Consider the segmentation of smart devices / phones before the iPhone:

    market segmentation

    As you can see, there is a clear separation by form factor: classic and touch screen (ts).
    At the same time, devices with ts are considered (were they?) A top segment, even despite the fact that
    devices in the "classics" can cost more.

    IPhone appeared:

    apple tree appeared

    By TTX, the device can be attributed to the segment which is higher:
    TS , calendar, contacts, inet, push email, wi-fi, bluetooth.
    Like everyone, there are pros and cons.
    + - concise GUI (GUI), innovative sensors, innovative multiTouch
    - - you can’t officially install third-party software, poor support for the “office”

    Here is the real position in my opinion:
    right position

    Other devices in this segment do not have such innovations, but for example GPS, and some even have a TV (Gigabyte).

    But here the trick happens , at the presentation, Steve Jobs reduces the class. He compares it only with smartphones :

    position in terms of With Jobs

    * Please note that only QWERTY devices are selected for comparison, there are no ordinary 0 ... 9 phones that are not so complicated.

    Therefore, the iPhone, in his opinion, is already here somewhere:
    position in terms of With Jobs

    * I want to say

    right away that the “minus” of the iPhone in my opinion is not a reason to reduce its segment, because not all users immediately install 3rd party software. they need enough synchronization for contacts and tasks. And devices from HTC are now being bought not only by businessmen, but also people, for example, who need GPS. This is evidenced by Gartner reports : In the first quarter, Windows Mobile PDA devices sales in the world market grew by 40%.

    Now all at the momentsales analytics, all notes, all reviews are built only by looking at devices with a classic form.
    Those. which have buttons. And it is obvious that in this rather stagnant segment, Apple iPhone cause a lot of positive

    If you look back at the presentation of the first generation iPod, Steve Jobs observes the choice of the music market by the fact
    that it is a large market:

    new market choice
    but if you look at the presentation ( )
    you can see that "under the gun" was the photo market.

    And now if we look into the future, and suppose that Apple is going to release some kind of Apple iCamera.

    For example, now there is a market of digital “soap dishes” and “DSLRs”, their quality is as follows:

    camera quality comparison

    then having mined the iPhone-a strategy:

    market for iCamera

    and having released a DSLR with innovations “under the sauce” of the usual home-made “soap dish”, again only very happy news awaits us.

    I want to note that the increase in the segment for technologies is, of course, called progress, but then
    I do not think it is right to conduct analytics, PR campaigns, release news only taking into account one segment.

    With software and start-ups it is more difficult to carry out such tricks, but for example, if MySQL can at least at the initial level do
    OLAPs and cluster, then it can also bite off a piece of the market.

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