Getting started. Is everything right?

    Good afternoon. We are preparing the first project to launch. We finish writing the code, fasten the design, conducted a study of competitor resources, chose positioning in a thematic niche and reached an important milestone - in less than a month the engine will be ready.
    But at night I can’t sleep, are we all doing the right thing? As a project manager, I am concerned about several issues.

    1. Is our engine too slow?
    On the local machine p4 2.8GHz / 1 Gb DDR-400 dual / ATA-100 with the latest apache, php and mysql with almost default settings, the page generation time is from 0.05 to 0.5 seconds with no extraneous load. At the same time, code assembly time without executing commands is 0.03 seconds. What kind of hosting will we need to serve several thousand visitors a day?

    2. What specialists are missing in the team?
    At the moment, we have a programmer, several usability specialists, analysts, several content managers. We have absolutely no specialists in advertising, promotion, no lawyers and no server administrator, that is, we rely on the hoster for now. Who needs to be invited right now, and who will be needed right after launch?

    3. What unforeseen cash costs will a project launch entail?
    At the moment, we have resolved the issue of remuneration, but not much remains on the project itself - only less than a thousand dollars. Do I need to attract extra money? What threatens an attempt to start, relying on such an amount?

    4. What we did not think about, and what moves need to be taken yet?

    Thank you, if you tell us about your experience, give advice, or a link to an open topic.

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