This handset can be hung on the door or in the ear.

    Hanging up will be much easier and more visual thanks to the concept phone of designers Alec Wong & Donn Koh (Alec Wong & Donn Koh). A stylish cordless handset (pictured) with a body ending in a hook was presented on the Yanko design site . The main idea of ​​the concept is that the phone disconnects, hangs up when you ... hang up. For example, on a doorknob.
    Outwardly, the phone looks like a futuristic hotel do-not-disturb hotel sign, but a hole in the place where ordinary devices have a speaker is a real concern. There is no dynamics, and at the first moment of communication with the phone it’s not so much scary, but alarming. However, Alec and Donne could not forget about the speaker. He is, somewhere in the back of the case, as evidenced by three miniature holes on the inside of the case. Returning to the handle hole, if the diameter of the circumference of the latter is commensurable or slightly smaller than the size of the ear, the tube can be pressed tightly to the head, and if you are lucky, hang it directly in your ear! Let's hope that this unique, undocumented feature will become decisive in deciding to launch the phone in production.

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