GoGo.ru has become mobile

    On 20 August the owners of mobile phones that support WAP 1.2 and above, smartphones and PDAs can use a mobile version of a search engine gogo.ru, which is now available on the WAP-site wap.gogo.ru . At the moment, the search for mobile GoGo.ru is carried out on 45 thousand WAP-resources.

    The reason for launching the WAP version of the site was the fact that at present in Russia most mobile phone owners do not have WWW support, and the number of Russian-language WAP sites is growing very actively.

    At the time of launch, the GoGo.Ru search database was 40 million pages, and the number of indexed resources was growing rapidly.

    GoGo.ru’s wide possibilities of working with synonyms, the ability to recognize foreign brands in queries and then search for Russian and the original spelling - all these innovative features have been transferred to the mobile version of the site. GoGo.ru can also search by various recording options for the Russian word: “Feng Shui” - “Feng Shui”, “Fan Club” - “Fan Club”, etc.

    via Mail.ru

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