IBM acquires Wind River?

    IBM can establish a strong presence in the embedded operating system market with the acquisition of Wind River Systems , which is currently in a bad financial situation. However, according to reports, acquisition negotiations are already underway .

    Wind River is a California-based company with 1,300 employees developing operating systems for embedded applications, primarily for the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries, using Linux and its proprietary VxWorks OS.

    Neither Wind River nor IBM made any public comments about the possible deal. However, the deal is still believed - this will help IBM expand beyond its core markets.

    “IBM sells its services and products in different markets, it's not just servers,” said Clabby Analytics President Joe Clabby. “For example, IBM is selling millions of POWER chips to game console manufacturers. It is likely that IBM has identified several options for expanding the market for small, intelligent, embedded Linux systems. ”

    By the way, there were times when Wind River and IBM worked together. Wind River is a member of, the IBM Industrial Forum for Power Processor Architecture. Wind River is also an IBM customer using products such as Rational ClearCase. IBM also confirms that its PowerPC chips will work with Wind River's VxWorks development kit.

    We will wait for statements from company officials ...

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