A peculiar approach to SEO inter-site all sites do this?

    I registered some of my sites in the propage.ru system, and I received such a letter, entertaining about bonus programs :)

    It’s interesting that this is the general trend for sites selling links, or I just found a good service. Which offers to buy links on your own?

    Hello, Zhulitov Fedor Alexandrovich,

    We draw your attention to the fact that under the bonus program, in accordance with the rules of its implementation, only sites that began to receive payments before August 25 and programs that began to pay before August 25 are included. If you are a webmaster, your site is indexed and allowed to work, and advertisers are in no hurry to buy links on your site, then in order for your site to participate in the bonus program, create the program yourself, buy one link from yourself, make sure that payment for its placement has been credited to your balance, after which the program can be closed. If your site earns at least a cent share by August 25, it becomes a member of the bonus program. August 25 at 00:00 the registry of sites and programs participating in the bonus program is closed. The site or program falls under the action of the bonus program or not,
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    Robot PROPAGE.RU

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