New baby phone from Firefly Mobile

    Company Firefly Mobile , developed a low-cost phone designed specifically for children , in the near future will present a new version. The model, called the W100, will be significantly different from the previous 5-button keyboardless device, with which children could only make calls to several stored numbers.

    According to the illustration found on the Web, it’s quite difficult to imagine what kind of beast this Firefly cellphone W100 will be. And the company has not yet announced the characteristics of the device. But now it’s known that the phone will be equipped with a touch keypad, which varies depending on the operations performed. So, if you need to dial a number, then a numeric keypad will be drawn on it. And if some game is loaded, then the monitor will be reconfigured to show the arrow keys of control. In addition, the device will be equipped with a digital camera.

    Since the price of the previous model of the Firefly baby phone does not currently exceed $ 60, it is expected that the W100 will cost quite adequately. The time of the appearance of the phone on sale has not yet been announced.

    via Ubergizmo

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