Internet brought 9% of revenue to Svyazinvest subsidiaries

    In the first half of 2007, Svyazinvest companies received revenue from high-speed Internet access services by 60% more than in the same period last year, and the growth rate, according to analysts, will not weaken by the end of the year.

    Revenues of seven RTOs from broadband Internet access (broadband access) in the first half of the year increased by 7.9 billion rubles. against a little less than 5 billion rubles. for the same period in 2006, revenues of the holding's subsidiaries for the same indicator increased by 45-76%, despite the expected 45% by analysts.

    Subscribers of RTOs using broadband access compared to the beginning of July 2006 almost tripled, and from January to June - 60%, exceeding 1 million. The fastest-growing subscribers were NWT (an increase from the beginning of the year - 78%), Uralsvyazinform ”(67%) and Sibirtelecom (65%). Svyazinvest companies serve almost every third Russian family using broadband Internet.

    There is a significant increase in the number of broadband access users, while the number of dial-up users at many providers is decreasing. Svyazinvest hopes that RTOs will continue to connect subscribers to broadband channels at the same pace, says Oleg Mikhailov, director of the holding’s external communications department. The situation in the broadband access market in many respects resembles the cellular market several years ago, he notes: only 25% of Russians have computers, though they are several times more expensive than cell phones.

    Judging by analysts, In 2007, the growth dynamics of RTOs from broadband access will continue. It is expected that this market will still grow annually by no less than 15-20% for a couple more years.

    via Vedomosti

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