Dental rattle in the service of progress

    Sly Japanese can find application to everything. Or they may at least think that one or another of their inventions will be applicable in practice. However, the next "invention" may well come in handy for people with disabilities. Managing your player or microwave with jaw clenching? You are welcome! The signal about the compression of the jaws will be removed directly from the temples.

    As a result of the study of the idea of ​​creating another IT device for people with physical disabilities, this “device” was born (what else can I say?). This is a “bandage”, with the help of which infrared sensors are fixed on the head, which record the tension of the temporal muscles that occurs when the operator clenches his molars. Further simple: the researchers taught the computer to analyze the signal and distinguish between a conscious squeeze-command and unintentional clenching of the jaw, for example, during a conversation or quite intentionally during a meal.

    Already at the moment, the device is able to turn on and off various kinds of devices (a CD player was used in the tests). But, of course, scientists are not going to stop there and plan to adapt the dental gnash to transmit a wide range of commands: manipulating a cell phone, controlling a wheelchair, etc.

    I don’t know how promising this is by no means even an elaborated invention. Honestly, I would not bet on the massive distribution of dental manipulators. But, on the other hand, if nature or an accident has already spoiled someone’s life, then it’s definitely worthwhile to grasp at any way to make this life easier and more convenient.

    via IXBT

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