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    I already touched upon the phenomenon of “trivertizing” at the hub : "title =" Briefing “Trasimers: consumer-testers”> here and here. Here is another, quite obvious, but no less interesting, practical application of the concept.

    Sample Lab, opened July 25, 2007 at the Tokyo Iceberg Building Center, is a club whose members have the opportunity to try new products. The annual membership in the tuber costs 1,000 yen, the registration fee is 300 yen. Sample Lab age limit is 15 years. Access to the club is carried out by a barcode (type QR) stored in the member’s mobile phone. A very wide range of products is offered for testing - from new barbecue sauces to exercise machines. For the convenience of the ladies, the club has a room where they can enjoy the latest in cosmetics. In addition, each visitor can carry with them up to 5 products for testing at home. Opinions about new products are collected using questionnaires filled out by club members. The thirst for superiority inherent in all (well, almost all) people is also manifested in the sphere of consumption (see briefing “Trimers: Test consumers ”). Many are willing to pay to be the first to try new products. Manufacturers will gladly spend part of the advertising budget on tripping, as it is by providing goods for use that they can receive invaluable information about its advantages and disadvantages directly from representatives of the target audience. Well, the advertising / marketing agency that organized such a club will skim the cream from both.

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