Parallels: banners and outdoor advertising

    If you compare online advertising with other familiar types of advertising, you can draw some parallels. For example, when a lady in a beauty salon flips through a catalog of fashionable cosmetics, this is contextual advertising. And outdoor advertising, billboards, can be compared with banners.
    In the advertising and advertising campaign, they are now discussing two, perhaps, opposite situations: Belarusian guardians of immaculate ideology and morality and lawlessness with advertising at the Central Department Store . Among the banners, by the way, there is also different junk, and not only on the topic "Pussy wants to meet, $ 50 / hour."
    If you put the first situation on Internet standards, it’s completely unacceptable: censorship, Big Brother is watching us and so on. But at the same time, the lack of FASor some other control may lead to the situation that some banner networks and not quite conscientious resources will spin bright banners with might and main: “Who reads the habr is a fool and a kazel.”
    Dilemma; double edged sword. I ask you to express your thoughts in the comments about how online advertising could balance Scylla and Charybdis.
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