Nokia announces Prism. Two pieces

    Nokia has announced the release of two phones that share a common name. The Nokia 7900 and Nokia 7500 are named Prism due to their multifaceted “case”. Phones are primarily prestigious and, as they are now called, "designer" ones. Fans of Nokia and such a “non-standard” will be able to assess whether the Prism concept is really so good already by the end of this year.

    The Nokia 7900 Prism is designed to work both in GSM networks and in third-generation networks. The display of this phone displays 16 million colors, the camera matrix is ​​two megapixel, and the amount of internal memory is 1 GB. The device is made of plastic and aluminum (back cover) with laser engraving. An interesting detail: the 7900 has 49 backlight colors. Fashionistas will be able to choose a color to their taste. Nokia 7900 Prism will cost 400 euros. This is tax-free, so the real price will be higher.

    Nokia 7500 Prism is the budget version of the older brother 7900. The design of the devices is similar, but the 7500 will work only in GSM networks, and it will have 30 MB of memory on board (microSD expansion slot provided). But the cost of the model is lower - 210 euros.

    via HPC

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