Google is testing a new type of local AdWords advertising

    AccuraCast announces that Google is testing a new type of local AdWords ads that includes an expandable Maps Plus Box menu . When a user clicks on the "[+] Map and phone number" link, Google displays the addresses and phone numbers of companies, their location on the map, as well as the ability to display directions from your specified location. A very similar picture can be seen after a search query related to local companies, for example NY, Apple Store .

    According to Google, this testing is limited and cannot be run everywhere. Google has always been reluctant to work with local ads, unlike standard ads: even paid links on Google Maps redirected you to the company's web page. But now everything has changed - now ads are displayed on Google maps as well as regular results.

    Google also made a change to the Maps API , which allows developers to monetize their mashups. At Developer Day in May, Google introduced the new GAdsManager class , which places contextual labels for local businesses in a special layer on custom maps, which allows them to be monetized.

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