We bow below!

    It seems to me that Lebedev decided to mock the community with this * familiar sign.

    Personally, I will never use this sign, because it is soulless and carries absolutely nothing in itself. I will be faithful to "rub." Well, or "p." In extreme cases.

    So the man immediately rushed to lick Lebedev - www.66auto.ru . Horror, damn it. What is this squiggle? Half of the visitors to the site will decide that their encoding has flown.

    Here everyone laughed at the logo of the London Olympics, at the logos of the MTS, Russian Railways, because it is d * clear. But do it Lebedev - would you laugh? Exactly.

    I really hope that Lebedev is not in all seriousness, God forbid, this is a joke or an experiment on idolaters.

    UDP Well, yes, not one Lebedev in the initiative group. But this fact does not make this sign better.

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