Medison Celebrity Details: No Freebies !?

    Last week, announcements about the release of a $ 150 laptop, "threatening to turn the entire mobile PC market upside down , " appeared here and there . Many immediately decided that they were lying to us somewhere, and brazenly. The suspicion of users was aggravated by the strange legal address of the company, the delivery time of the device from 6 to 8 weeks and the fact that the company reserved the right to change the configuration of the laptop after the order. Several days passed and new details appeared about Medison (about the company, not about the laptop).

    The meticulous “networks” found out that the Medison domain was registered only on April 7 and was paid for only one year, and the “employees” email addresses were registered on the free Hotmail service. In addition, the telephone in the “office” does not work, the fax is absent in principle, and the company’s contact address is actually the home address in Kent, England. I don’t know if any of the gullible Europeans ordered Celebrity for $ 150. But if so, then they will soon realize that free cheese happens only in a mousetrap.


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